The Digital Generation as First Home Buyers

Gone are they days where our parents or grandparents had to leave the house to actually get information on products they were interested in. Now we just browse on our tablets, iPhones and laptops comfortably from our humble abode.


Surely this must effect our perceived values if all we are getting is images on a screen rather than experiencing products and environments through touch, taste and smell in real time.


This is why companies are edging closer and closer to providing us with virtual reality.


The housing market is definitely keeping on trend with updating their social media platforms but whilst our generation grows up and will begin to fall into that age category of first home buyers we freak out at the thought of how much a house will cost. This challenges companies to keep us wanting their products.  Videos are becoming increasingly popular as we can explore items in more depth than a photo.


Boutique, Carlisle and Metricon are some of the housing companies with virtual tours of homes that provide us with entire house tours without even stepping out the door.


See for yourself!


This plays with our experiential/hedonic values of the home as we can look in just about every nook and cranny even if we live miles away.


Homes are associated with holding a lot of emotions and memories. Housing companies thrive off your emotional attachment to places, but does virtual reality have the same effect on people?


I think it is important for these building companies to focus their attention on the changing views of the new generations as a lot of us think we will be living in apartments or renting majority of our lives. The virtual reality aspect can increase our knowledge and values of what we could own.


Homes are a very high involvement product meaning we want as much information as possible on it. The webpages these companies create is a hub for everything we need that we can do independently before seeking out professional help and make us think owning a home one day seem more achievable. Companies should always be updating their websites for those reasons.


Maybe one day we’ll be buying groceries through virtual reality!


Do you still prefer more traditional methods or are you all for this new technology?

Would you use virtual reality over travelling to see things in person?


Leave a comment below!


3 thoughts on “The Digital Generation as First Home Buyers

  1. Alexia.Eve says:

    I think people will struggle to stray from their traditional methods because it’s hard to trust what you’re buying when you can’t see or touch it. However, virtual reality is definitely where our future is heading. It would be especially useful for viewing things that are far away, or inconvenient to see in person. It would take a long time to reach groceries though!!


  2. Confessions of a Stressaholic. says:

    Great post!
    I definitely think virtual reality is the future, as I think our generation want to make sure ‘its worth it’ before physically going out of their way to get or look at something the want. So I definitely think that this will ring true for home buying as well.
    For example, before I go clothes shopping I always look online to make sure the stores have what I want so I don’t get disappointed when I go to the shopping centre.
    It will be interesting to see if more businesses adapt virtual reality when designing their stores and websites.


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