Can You Measure Success Online?

Of course!

Digital marketing has actually made it easier. If you want your business to strive today these platforms can offer huge potential. The digital world is booming and it is vital to keep up with it.


As a home is such a high investment product companies in the industry need to keep track of what their customers like, dislike, want and need. The analytics digital marketing can provide is much more efficient than traditional marketing. It is much more time and cost efficient and can give you very specific data on your clientele.

Some social media platforms hand you fantastic data from their page insights. Social Media platforms allow you to monitor followers, unfollowers and sometimes page visits or click monitors. This information can also be very good in helping your business position itself among competitors.

Followers aren’t always an accurate way of monitoring customers as many of them can be inactive. You want to watch those customers who actively engage with your business.

It is important to monitor page views as you may be getting a lot of traffic but if people don’t stay on your page for long or your “bounce rates”, meaning single page visits, are high there is not much gain on your behalf.


It’s all about engagement!

Engaging your customers on your site is vital. Housing companies can engage viewers by keeping their sites simple to navigate and including lots of images to attract their eyes.

I found out recently that it was actually more beneficial for a particular home company to include prices for certain homes on their website as it created less traffic on their phone lines. They then ended up increasing sales as customers were easily access this information.

How did they work this out? All because of market research!

Trends are constantly changing so it is important to ensure you watch your traffic on digital platforms to see your channel buyer behaviours. It is important to stay flexible and keep updating your digital marketing platforms. With the help of market research you can change what isn’t working or keep what is. It’s as easy as that!

See how online platforms can help you maintain a healthy digital environment for your customers.

Do you think a business like this can survive without market research?

Do you like seeing companies join the digital world and how often do you like seeing updates from companies on your feeds?

Lastly, I really enjoyed this quote as it perfectly sums up market research:

You can’t manage what you can’t measure” (Bob Napier, HP, 1960’s)


3 thoughts on “Can You Measure Success Online?

  1. Alexia.Eve says:

    I don’t think any business can survive without market research! How would a business know what to do or what consumers want to see without it? For homes specifically, companies definitely need to have a strong understanding of what their consumer want, because as you said, it’s a very high investment and no one will make a purchase unless completely satisfied and certain in their choice.
    I really love seeing companies join the digital world because it means i can follow and get updates from the brands that i’m interested in as they become relevant rather than going to the effort of researching the brand myself. Love the quote!


  2. mira says:

    Hey Homelythingsblog, interesting read!

    I feel a brand that is currently effectively using consumer data in the real estate industry is Domain. Their facebook posts / adds are really interesting and engaging, even for someone who isn’t interested in buying a house. The posts feature good pictures, attention grabbing tag lines and appropriate information. I would be interested to know what data they are primarily analysing because I feel their digital marketing tactics are very strategic and targeted.


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