Learn From The Leader Runners

Having a mobile friendly site is now crucial for businesses and here is why:


Those are some pretty important stats to consider when developing a online presence.

Mobile phones are so portable that people use them as a main source for surfing webpages and browsing through apps. People are wanting simpler applications to suit their fast paced lifestyles. If a mobile site is too hard to navigate many consumers will give up on the page and won’t proceed with a purchase or be interested in the company or products. It is vital to make a site that can adapt to multiple devices such as computer, mobile and tablet screens.

Many companies have different layouts from web browser to mobile device but it is important to make sure your consumers can recognise the brand straight away.

Carlisle Homes has two very different layouts to adapt to different screens making the usability easier and they still ensure their logo and colour scheme runs the same across devices.

Mobile Site
Screen Shot 2016-08-26 at 9.52.03 AM
Laptop Browser

They have kept the same symbols and colours for the side bars which makes consumers feel more comfortable when using the site on different platforms.

There are companies that have gone one step further and created apps for those loyal consumers or people who want something quick and simple to access.

Front runners for real estate apps are Domain and Real Estate.



These apps create a hub where searches for properties, either in the area or across the nation, is made easy.

I have herd from some consumers that Real Estate used to be very popular but Domain is now a favourite.

Why do you think this could be?

Maybe check out the apps for yourself and see. I’d love to hear which one you like better.




2 thoughts on “Learn From The Leader Runners

  1. Alexia.Eve says:

    I think it’s so important for a website to be just as user friendly on a mobile as it is on a computer and allow the consumer to access all of the same content. There’s nothing worse than when the font is too small, or doesn’t fit the screen of the phone and you have to zoom in to tap each of the keys. But at the same time, I’ve experienced mobile versions of apps (*cough Monash cough*) where you can’t even access all of the features and it drives me crazy, so i have to resort to using the desktop version on my phone anyway! UGH!

    I also think it’s so great that some brands have created apps which just allows consumes to easily reach them, connect with them and use their products/services far more conveniently. One would also be surprised as to how important it is to keep something as simple and basic as the colour scheme the same across the various lay outs. Consumers love brand familiarity and thrive off feeling connected to the brand and that “know and love” feeling of when they’re loyal to a brand. If they were to be changing the colour scheme and layouts too much, the consumer would begin to feel detached and less likely to purchase and remain brand loyal.

    Great post! xx


    1. homelythingsblog says:

      Such good points! Interesting about the Monash app too. I find some local library websites aren’t very user friendly easy and make clicking and searching so much more difficult. Even if you are a small business I think mobile marketing is still really important and should be a priority.

      Liked by 1 person

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