The Nest Isn’t Too Far

There are so many new gadgets on the market that are becoming smarter and smarter. From smart watches to “Google Glass” our lives are becoming easier and more dependent on new gadgets.  Even common household items are developing into savvy tech gadgets.

I’m sure everyone has had that feeling, especially during winter, where their body feels like an ice cube after being in the Antarctic Melbourne winds all day and you just want to defrost at home. “If only the house was already pre-prepared to optimum temperature before you walk in the door” you might say. Guess what, there’s a handy gadget for that. The Nest Learning Thermostat is a little device that can sit anywhere in your house and regulate the temperature, even when you aren’t home.



The Nest Thermostat learns what temperatures you like at certain times and after a few days makes a personalised schedule unique to you. It can all be controlled from an app too! The app allows you to control the temperature when you aren’t home. Features like this are so helpful when you are out and about or even have pets at home.

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Another plus that this technology is bringing is that its helping save energy too. Whenever you don’t need to use as much power, for example while sleeping or leaving the house, it will adjust itself down to save energy. You are able to track your every day energy usage all from the app which can help those who are conscious of the environment or aiming to lower their energy costs.

Tools like these don’t just appeal to the tech gurus, because they are so simple they can be marketed to many different audiences. The brand Nest offers some other products including a camera that also connects to your mobile or tablet devices. Their household technology tools can help keep your home feeling cozy and safe.

Screen Shot 2016-09-08 at 1.26.34 PM.png

Do you think you would use the Nest Thermostat at your home? What do you think about the app? Useful or a waste of time?


2 thoughts on “The Nest Isn’t Too Far

  1. Alexia.Eve says:

    I think this is a brilliant idea! I know there are definitely times in the morning that i want to turn the heater on so i can get ready in warmth, but i feel too cold to even leave my bed. The struggle is real #firstworldproblems. I would definitely have this in my own home. I feel like the future is leading more and more towards being able to control things that are happening at home while you’re out; cameras, temperature, gates, music, lights, alarms. Who knows what else!


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