Virtual Real Estate

Your site could practically be invisible without coming up in a search engine such as Google.

Google is used globally and is the most popular search engine out there. If you have a good presence or search results from Google it can really push your business in the right direction.


For many consumers Google is their “go to” when trying to find information on the web because it can help lead you in a direction you want to go.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is how visible your web page is in a search engine’s results. Companies often buy keywords to improve their SEO.

For example many people may search up “house” or “home” when looking to build, buy, sell or rent. If a company pays for their website to come up first when people search in one of or some of those keywords they will be highly likely to click on the first result.

This is what Google searches often look like:


Here I searched “building company”. Companies may want to increase their SEO by buying the keyword and bomb up their presence on the long lists Google can generate.

Your presence online can be even more important than in reality. There are far more people that may come across your brand online than in person meaning companies need to optimise their image online.

Up to 91% of internet users in 2012 used search engines which is huge. If your site doesn’t come up in the first page of results users may never come across your site.

I would highly recommend SEO be a high priority for all companies out there as a means to spread their presence across the web.

How often do you use Google? Once a day or more?

Which search engine do you use the most?

I personally use only Google because I always get the best and most relevant search results from it.



2 thoughts on “Virtual Real Estate

  1. Señorita Katia says:

    Great post Renee 😊 I know I use Google at least 30 times a day, it’s crazy! I’ve heard a lot about SEO before but I never realised just how much is can help companies gain traction to their websites!


  2. Confessions of a Stressaholic. says:

    Great read!
    Its interesting to think about how the top search results are selected through buying key words. It is so important for brands to be one of the top search results their consumers find, so SEO is extremely valuable.
    I use Google more then 5+ times a day, and Google is the only search engine I use. As a university student I am constantly looking things up for assignments, and I always go straight for Google when I have a question I need answers for.


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